Standard Procedure

FNB Startup has developed a set of standard business transfer procedure


Business Transfer Procedure 

FNB Startup has formulated a set of standard business transfer procedures, and will truthfully provide the actual business situation of the trading business or enterprise, so as to ensure that the interests of both parties in the business, business transfer are prepared for sale under fair conditions. This set of selling guidelines is designed to ensure that buyers can have confidence in the business and seller they are ready to sell or sell. 

Business transfers are a necessary stage for the development of many SMEs; in regions with well-established systems such as Europe and the United States, with the assistance of professional consultants, SMEs can turn these acquisitions and transfers into business transactions, creating a win-win advantage for both parties. Therefore, the company is determined to introduce this service into Hong Kong as a platform for business transfer, increasing the transparency and choice of catering business, and reducing transaction risks. FNB Startup will provide customers with high-quality services according to international standards. In addition, the company has a huge business network, which will definitely be able to find the most ideal transfer partners for both buyers and sellers of the business. Buyers choose the right business. The business transfer step are as follow:


1. Decide on the direction of development 

There are many types of F&B industries, and buyers should first decide on the direction of development that they are interested in.


2. Business matching system: Customers can fill in the business requirements from our website

We will activate the business matching system according to your requirements to find the most suitable business for you, so that customers can choose the ideal business. Based on the non-disclosure agreement, Not all businesses available for sale may be made public, so buyers can contact our business consultants for more information.


3. Get advice from consultants 

Buyers can check with our consultants, and we will provide the most suitable advice to buyers according to their budgets, industries they are interested in and other requirements.


4. Signing a non-disclosure agreement

Based on the principle of confidentiality, both buyers and sellers need to sign a non-disclosure agreement, promising to keep the information about the business confidential before they can learn more about the details.


5. Consultants provide more business information to Interested buyers and sellers can take the initiative to inquire with our business consultants.

We are glad to answer customers' questions and provide customers with more personalized suggestions and related information, so that customers can have a deeper understanding of the business.


6. On-site inspection 

All businesses sold by the company will be first inspected by business consultants to provide potential buyers with a more objective business overview. After the sale or transfer is successful, FNB startup can also arrange professional personnel to guide the buyer according to the needs of the customer, so that the buyer can take over the new business smoothly.


7. Arrange both buyer and seller meetings

FNB Startup will arrange meetings between the buyer and the seller, so that the two sides can obtain more details through the meetings, so as to discuss the terms of sale.


8. Check the business information 

FNB Startup will conduct a rigorous review for the seller's business to ensure that the information provided is correct.


9. Signing the Sale and Purchase Agreement 

With the agreement of both parties, the buyer can formally sign the contract after paying the deposit.


10. Transfer of ownership 

FNB Startup will provide a one-stop service to transfer leases, licenses, shares and other matters related to business ownership with the assistance of consultants, in order to make the process smoother and facilitate buyers and sellers.


11. Completion of the transaction 

The company will also provide comprehensive after-sales service. Even after the transfer process is completed, it will provide customers with professional advice, making it easier for buyers to take over new business.

Last modification: 六 9 四 2022