Seller FAQ

Business Transfer FAQ

1. Is the letting process complicated? 

As the only business transfer consultant in Hong Kong that only focuses on the catering industry, we have continuously accumulated a large group of investors who are very enthusiastic about the catering industry. At the same time, we will screen genuine and sincere buyers for sellers, so that sellers can Successfully sell the business in the shortest time and at the most reasonable price. We will prepare complicated legal documents for the seller so that you can easily handle the sale.


2. Will the bidding process be kept confidential? 

Confidentiality in the process of selling a business is extremely important to safeguarding the rights and interests of the seller. If employees, food suppliers, and customers learn of the owner's intention to sell the business before the business is successfully transferred, it will affect its operation. We will ensure that buyers sign a non-disclosure agreement before understanding the background of the seller and promise to keep the identity of the seller's company absolutely confidential to ensure that the business can still operate as usual before the business is sold.


3. Can I sell the business quickly? 

FNB Startup only focuses on the business of catering related industries. We have continuously accumulated a large and extensive group of investors who are quite enthusiastic about the catering related industries. This advantage enables sellers to sell their catering business quickly and at the most reasonable price.


4. Why FNB Startup? 

FNB Startup is committed to selling the business at the fastest and most reasonable price for sellers, so that sellers can get help through our dedicated service. Whether it is for business valuation, sourcing buyers, accompanying buyers to inspect the business, negotiation between buyers and sellers, and even the final transaction, FNB Startup will provide you with one-stop effective solutions to assist buyers and sellers to speed up transactions.

Last modification: 六 9 四 2022