Company Formation Specialis

Express Service (about 1-2 working days)

To do business in Hong Kong, you have to setup company by applying a business registration certificate. 

Hong Kong companies can be generally divided into two categories: 

  • Sole proprietorship or partnership company. The setup procedure is simple but the liabilities are unlimited; 
  • Limited company, which liabilities of shareholders and directors are limited. While personal property is protected, the company needs to comply with relevant regulations such as hiring an independent certified public accountant to conduct an audit each year and submitting annual returns to the company registry. 

To setup a new Hong Kong Limited company (private limited by shares) usually takes about 5 working days. If urgent, you can choose our Express Service (about 1-2 working days) or buy a ready-made one (about 2-3 working days). To set up a new one, you need to provide a company name; if buying a ready-made company, you can choose one from our company list.

Last modification: 六 9 四 2022