Business Transfer Buyer FAQ

The Most Cost effective solution


1. Why did you choose to acquire an existing business?

In most cases, the selling price of an existing business is much lower than its cost. The cost may be enough to buy two or three catering businesses, so almost all catering related businesses can be started by purchasing an existing business. The main reason is that Purchasing an existing business can greatly reduce the startup cost. The buyer can use the original decoration of the business, equipment, personnel structure, customer base and operating model, goodwill, etc., which can greatly save the cost of opening and make the buyer retain more cash flow. 


2. Can the acquisition of an existing business shorten the preparation time? 

Whether you are a novice in the catering industry or not, buying a running catering business can save a lot of preparation time, including: selecting shops, designing and decorating, applying for a license application, selecting suppliers, training employees, setting workflow, and building a customer base. If you are new to the catering industry or want to expand your existing catering business, buying a business can greatly accelerate your entrepreneurial pace.


3. Does acquiring an existing business improve the chances of business success?

If you start a catering business from scratch, even if you have the  perfect plan, you will inevitably make mistakes. Buying an existing catering business that can generate profits can also reduce the risk of starting a business, shorten the payback period, and greatly improve the success of your catering business.

Last modification: 六 9 四 2022